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The goal of the Palmetto Basics is to saturate the community with an easy message...a message of five fun, simple, and powerful ways to help all our children become the happiest and most successful they can be! In order to make a large impact, it will take our whole community. The message will be stronger with your business, your church, your school, and every organization on board as Palmetto Basics Champions.

Not sure if your church or school has already signed up to be a Champion? Be sure to check our ever growing list to see if they're already listed.

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Family Connects Greenville

Help Parents and Newborns Get Connected

Family Connects Greenville is seeking services and partners who work with parents and young children. The primary goal of Family Connects Greenville is to ensure these parents have access to the programs and supports they need. If your organization wants to be included in our database, please visit to chat with the team.