Who We Are

OUR MISSION: We will serve as a convener of early childhood champions to coordinate services to measurably improve the early childhood development of all children in Greenville County.

Strategic Plan Goals and Strategies

Goal: Improve graduation rates for teenage mothers and ensure they have access to supports and resources to be successful parents.

Greenville First Steps understands the challenges and burdens a teen parent faces in raising a child while simultaneously going to high school. Children born to teen moms and mothers who do not have a high school degree face an uphill battle to enter school ready to succeed. Greenville First Steps is uniquely positioned to play a role as a leader by providing leadership, resources, and tools.


  • Work with community partners to remove barriers to high school graduation
  • Increase mentoring opportunities for teenage mothers

  • Goal: Increase access for families to high quality, stable, sound childcare environments.

    Greenville First Steps recognizes the importance of helping childcare centers be better businesses in our community. Families rely on these companies to be there when they are needed, implement sound operational practices, communicate well, and have professional and trained staff.


  • Enhance the professional environment of childcare centers and staff through the SC Shared Services Network
  • Increase the quality of professional development opportunities for childcare center staff and directors
  • Provide financial supports for families to participate in quality childcare environments

  • Goal: Improve birth outcomes for Greenville County children.

    Greenville First Steps understands the importance of children receiving a healthy start. Children who are born at a low birth weight or have a developmental delay could fall behind their peers before they even arrive at school.


  • Support the Pay for Success model to ensure the sustainability of Nurse-Family Partnership across our region.

  • Goal: Improve literacy outcomes for children ages 0-5.

    Learning does not begin on the first day of kindergarten. Parents should feel confident knowing when they read daily with their children and engage in family strengthening activities, their children will be better prepared to succeed in school.


  • Support community-wide appreciation for early literacy activities (e.g. Read Greenville)
  • Support the expansion of evidence-based parent engagement and early learning/early literacy programs

  • Goal: Integrate school readiness messaging within Greenville County community partners.

    Greenville First Steps understands the importance of a unified community voice in support of school readiness. Families who hear a consistent message about school readiness from trusted members of their community are more likely to implement strategies to ensure their child is ready to succeed.


  • Support community partners in embedding and delivering readiness messaging (the Profile of the Ready Kindergartener) within their communities
  • Convene community stakeholders to address gaps and opportunities within early childhood sector

  • Goal: Diversify revenue to ensure organizational sustainability.

    Greenville First Steps recognizes the need for long-term sustainability and fiscal independence. By taking a lead in coordinating efforts to support school readiness, we can guide local funders in adopting early learning as a priority.


  • By FY20, ensure 70% of agency revenue is derived from sources other than allocation from state First Steps office
  • Strengthen a coalition of funders to coordinate public/private funding streams