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Triple P - Greenville County

Triple P - the Positive Parenting Program - is one of the most effective evidence-based parenting programs in the world, backed up by more than 35 years of ongoing research. Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help them build strong, healthy relationships, confidently manage their children's behavior, and prevent problems developing.

Greenville First Steps was selected by the Children's Trust of SC and the Duke Endowment as the Activating Agency for the planned expansion of Triple P across Greenville County. Greenville First Steps is currently in the planning and infrastructure phase working alongside community partners, funders, and evaluators.

As part of a community wide, public health approach, Greenville First Steps will partner with organizations who work with parents at a variety of levels to ensure all parents have access to the parenting supports they need and want. Whether a parent seeks help at their pediatrician's office, their church, their place of employment, or a local nonprofit, Triple P will be there for our families. Triple P consists of multiple levels and intensities, from a light touch large group meeting to more intensive 8 week small group sessions to one-on-one sessions. Below is more information on each of the levels of Triple P.

Level 1

Level 1, or Universal Triple P, is a communications strategy designed to reach a broad cross section of the population with positive parenting information and messages. It is not a course or personal intervention delivered directly to parents.

Level Up Your Parenting Game is the creative face of Greenville's Triple P. This high-impact communications campaign includes a range of materials (including brochures, posters, newspaper columns, billboards, etc.) that aims to put parenting on the public agenda and to raise awareness of the need to support parents in this vital role.

Universal Triple P aims to:

  • Destigmatize and normalize the process of seeking parenting help
  • Encourage parents to participate in positive parenting interventions
  • Increase the visibility and reach of positive parenting interventions
  • Counter alarmist, sensational, or parent-blaming messages in the media
  • Help parents become more confident and self-sufficient in their parenting

Level 2

Level 2 is a "light touch" intervention providing brief one-time assistance to parents who are generally coping well but have one or two concerns with their child's behavior or development. It is available for parents of children from birth to 12 years.

In Greenville County, Triple P Level 2 is delivered as:
  • Triple P Selected Seminar Series – An introduction to the strategies of positive parenting and Triple P. Parents attend any number of three 90-minute seminars (Power of Positive Parenting; Raising Confident, Competent Children; and Raising Resilient Children). Take-home tip sheets are given to all parents who attend Triple P seminars.
Level 3

Level 3 is targeted counseling for parents of a child with mild to moderate behavioral difficulties. It is available for parents of children from birth to 12 years.  Level 3 interventions deal with a specific problem behavior or issue.

Delivered as:
  • Primary Care Triple P  – A brief face-to-face or telephone intervention with a provider (from areas such as child and community health, education, allied health, child care etc.). Approximately four individual consultations lasting between 15 and 30 minutes. Uses tip sheets and Positive Parenting Booklet to reinforce strategies.
  • Triple P Discussion Groups  – Two-hour small group sessions, targeting a specific problem behavior or issue. Each discussion group can be taken as a stand-alone session or as part of a series. There are four topics for parents of children 0 –12 (Dealing with disobedience; Managing fighting and aggression; Developing good bedtime routines; and Hassle-free shopping with children).
Level 4

Level 4 is for parents of children with severe behavioral difficulties or in the case of Group Triple P, for motivated parents interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of Positive Parenting. It is available for parents of children from birth to 12 years and covers Triple P's 17 core positive parenting skills that can be adapted to a wide range of parenting situations.

Delivered as:
  • Group Triple P – Groups of no more than 12 parents attend five sessions and are supported with three phone counseling/catch-up sessions at home. Uses DVDs and workbook to engage parents and reinforce strategies.
  • Standard Triple P  – For parents who need intensive support. Individual counseling delivered over ten (1 hour) sessions. Uses DVD, workbook.

Explore Triple P Integration

Explore Triple P Integration

Greenville First Steps is seeking local nonprofits, schools, churches, businesses, and neighborhoods who are interested in providing parent training opportunities for their families. If you think Triple P is a good fit for your organization, apply today.

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